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[31 Mar 2006|04:47pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hi, Im new. I first saw Chiaki Kuriyama in battle royal, then the grudge and Kill Bill. I really want to see the second Azumi film and shikoku. I made these Kill Bill icons and thought Id share. You don't have to credit, Im more happy when people comment. There very plain so feel free to use any as bases. ^_^

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New Member [26 Jul 2005|09:49am]

[ mood | busy ]

Hi, my name is Jeff.

Like most people outside of Japan, I first saw "Chiaki Kuriyama" in "Kill Bill Vol.1". Since then I have managed to get a hold of "Battle Royale", but have of yet to see her in anything else. With the exception of the odd JA Bank commercial I have found online.

Nice to meet you all.

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Hey there. [18 Jul 2005|06:01am]

[ mood | Cheery ]

Hi i'm Anya, I'm new here heh.

I saw of Chiaki Kuriyama in Kill Bill Volume 1. The only movies i've ever seen her in is the one I just listed.. I would like to see more movies with her in them, because I think she's an amazing actress, and not to mention hot lmfao.

Nice to meet you all. ;)

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[03 Jan 2005|01:18am]
The first time I had ever watched a film featuring Chiaki Kuriyama was back in 2002, when i saw Ju-on. Ever since then I have been in love with her. As for her films I have only seen Battle Royale, Ju-on, and Kill Bill vol. 1.
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